Bet types

It is possible to place on a single Coupon either Single Bets, Multiple Bets composed by all the selected events as well as System Bets.
It is just enough to indicate the amount desired in the appropriate Coupon boxes and click on “Carry on”.

The “Single” bet is the most simple type of bet. You must predict the result of a single event. In football you may bet for example on the win of the home team (1), on a draw (X) or on an away win (2) of a team. For example: Betting € 100 on AC Milan with odds 2,00: if AC Milan wins, you will win $100 multiplied by the odds 2,00 = € 200. A piece of advice: use our Coupon as if it was the trolley of an online shop!

The “Multiple Bet” offers the possibility to select up to 20 events with a single wagered amount. So as for the bet to be a winning one, all the forecasts must be correct.

For example: Betting $100 on Lazio with odds 1,50, on Fiorentina with odds 2,00, on Roma at 1,80, on Milan at 1,60 and on Juventus with odds 1,30 (quintuple bet), if all the forecasts are correct, the winning will be $100 for 1,5 (Inter) for 2,0 (Fiorentina) for 1,8 (Rome) for 1,6 (AC Milan) for 1,3 (Juventus). The total sum of the winning is € 1,123.20.

The “System” bet is only a more complex variant of the Multiple Bet. The “System” bet allows the possibility to combine various Multiple Bets in a single bet.
The simplest way to explain the system bet is the 2 to 3 system bet.For example: Select 3 games and place a 2 to 3 system bet, wagering for example on AC Milan, Napoli and Atalanta winning. That is, place a bet on all the possible double combinations resulting from the 3 teams.
In this case, the 2 to 3 system is composed of 3 double combinations:

Bet 1: AC Milan wins (1,50), Naples wins (1,80) Bet 2: AC Milan wins (1,50), Atalanta wins (2,00) Bet 3: Napoli wins (1,80), Atalanta wins (2,00)
The total amount of € 15 means that € 5 are put on 3 double bets.

The day of the matches, at the end of the Premiere league matches, we will know the results of the selected games: Napoli and Atalanta win, for AC Milan it is a draw. In this case, the results of the bet are:
Bet 1: lost (the forecast on AC Milan is wrong)Bet 2 : lost (the forecast on AC Milan is wrong) Bet 3 : won!
For bet number 3 your Betting Account will be credited € 5 x 1.80 (odds for Napoli) x 2.00 (odds for Atalanta) = € 18, i.e. a net winnings of € 3 despite the fact that bets 1 and 2 are losing ones.

The number of possible Bets increases with the number of events a System bet is composed of.

The System bet 3 to 4 includes all possible triple combinations of bets on 4 teams, i.e. 4 bets.
The System bet 2 to 4 includes all possible double combinations of bets on 4 teams, i.e. 6 bets.
The System bet allows the possibility to select up to 10 events and the amount that one wishes to bet will be automatically distributed over all the columns determined by the number of events in the Coupon.


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